Painting Decembuary vol.1

At the edges of the morthal realms the Dragon Ogre Shagotts still wander, remnants from the age of chaos. The people in these parts of the world have yet to fall into the fold of Sigmar. Thus they turn to the Dragon Ogres for protection when the Stormcasts flys down from the skys


So I decided to join in on Azazel Decumb-uary challenge  (witch I found trow Iro*) as I love these comunity projects. I have decided to paint my grymdraig from Mirce miniature, a fantastic huge miniature. It will be a perfect opportunity to bring forth the airbrush.

* Imperial Rebel ork**

**there are no imperial rebels only heretics, and no imperial orks only xenos if you think otherwise report to your arbites/commisar/priest for reeducation



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