Necromunda vol.1

“What nightmare are these hive worlds? //…//Beware the shadows of the hive, where only the strongest endure…”

I have just picked up the new necromunda and hastily assembled two gangers straight out of the box. I also painted this esher. I love the punk look whit mohawks and studs. Especially the esher got alot of this. One can clearly see the hand of Blanche. They are straight out the eighties sketches. 

I painted her quite vibrantly for being me but stuck whit the grey skin and super hevily rusted weapons. I would imagine it quite hard to get hold of new or well kept equipment in the underhives were everything is reused untold times and conditions is bad. And the cotrast whit dark weapons is great and not done so much. The chance of getting healty skin would  also be non existent living out ones life under tons of steel and plasticrete.

The goliats are a bit bland tho. I like some parts realy much so good miniatures if not great. I think my biggest problem whit em is the size they are almost the size of a primaris and beefier. 

Here is a comparison picture whit a Stormcast Eternal, Astartes Primaries, Chaos cultist and one of my under hive conscripts from the hive hird.

Sensible shoes

I realy love these models but I am a bit unsure about the high heels on the esher models. One one hand they are not great shoes to fight in but on the other the gangs are not a regular fighting force and might not care. The Esher might prefer extra height for intimidation.

Here is a comparison with another consript for the gelidan hive hird I have made.

I am also friends with some punk women who would eat the Goliaths alive high heels or not and trust me they would wear thier heels to a riot if they wanted to. At the moment I will asemble my esher as a mix but later on I need to figure out what my miniatures represent. I would love to record your take on this. What I know tho is that the female representation in my collection is quite low.

Best regards 28_Scribe


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