Invitational 12017

“The enormous dropship shook as it descended to the thorn moons. Kol looked around his gang where whit him they had all been drafted by the hird in one of the big raids. they had just peen in the wrong place on the wrong time. He cursed his fate being shiped of to these distant worlds. Atleast he wasn’t alone. they were standing tightly packed. The smell of sweaty bodies mixed whit the oil as the coldness of space was pushed out of the poorly isolated craft replaced by the burning heat of atmospere reentry. Then it came a ear defining sound and the hole craft shaked.  Kols guts were trown into his chest as the ship was thrown into a spin. Then his mind whent black.”

These are my conscripts for iron sleets invitational. I have actually reworked them after my first WIP shots. I just felt like the Cadian bodies didn’t  work for under hive scum. What I am using is different historical parts. That they are a little bit small do I think of as fitting cause life in the under hive is short and brutal.

I wanted to reflect how bad the situation is in the underhive by painting all metall in

Kol the leader second oldest and the first to crawl his way out of the crashed dropship. He conidered himself lucky as the bodies of his comrades had dampendthe impact.

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Hake is the oldest and doesn’t say much keeping most to him self. Usually distances himself from the younger men.


Ådd is in his later teens violent and batshit crazy. His eyes is like dark pits above his mask staring into ones soul like a wolf mesuring a prey.

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Teg only fourteen. He is no stranger to death and always keeps his prized axe whit him, it may be rusted and old but it once belonged to a spyre dynasty and Teg sees it as his connection to a better life.


Orm is youngest only twelve but big for his age and hardened by an upbringing in the horrible underhive.

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The crusade is still young and human life is just a resource.


Fare well I must return to my archives.



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