Something stirs in the dark

+++Wellcome traveller of the imaterium+++
+++You have know entered the Vaults of the 28:th Scribe+++
+++Read on at your own risk as these chronicles is not for the weak of mind+++


This website is both my blog and my gallery site for ongoing and completed projects. My plan is to have this site revolving around the inq28 and AoS28 mindset. I already have an Instagram account where I post my finished models and art and real-time updates on my story of what currently inhabits my paint desk. So the website am I planning to contain more WIP pictures and explanations of my thoughts during the creations went. The webpage will also house a gallery of projects and written fluff pieces. More updates will follow shortly.

//the 28:th Scribe

Ways of the Void

“Without them the flow of ships that crossed the galaxy with resources and warriors would cease. Others might rule the Imperium’s worlds, might control its industry, or command its armies, but without the Navigators there was no Imperium”

-John French: Resurrection the Horusian Wars p.129

Another old miniature from last years Lustria Online Golden Serpent contest. This is a Limited edition Forge World Navigator, or so I was told by the eBay vendor. Its done with NMM and layering.

May you navigate the Imaterium safe my friends.

Candid of the world that was

“The world that was were a violent place
whit wars constantly raging across the lands.
But not all of its inhabbitants were warriors
not even among the first cildren of the old ones.
Cause even the steadfast guardians of the world needs supplies
and a base to fall back to. Huintzi was among these lesser servants of the grat plan.
Even if the work was less seen it were still important for whitout pottery how wuld the legions of lustria quench tier tirst wen no rivers was to be found?”

This skink potterer did I make for 2016 Golden Serpent. I placed fiftin the apprentice category whitch I was quite pleased whit.


The parts

This miniature were ofcoures a conversion. and it was made of a simple skink.  quite a advanced repositioning for being me. I realylike the idea of non fighting miniatures populating the world.

The painting were done by layering using warcolours paints. I did however not use a wet palette whitch I maby should have don to get smother transitions. the eye was first painted whit white and then pink after whitch I added the pupil whit a sharpie pen. The scenery was made of cardboard and greystuffand I do realy tink it is as important as the miniature itself. Take particular not of the sotek graffiti.

And here is the rest of the pictures. ( I am trying out the slide show feature)

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Well met traveller

//the 28:th scribe

Rising from the Fen

There are places in the mortal realms that do not take the coming of Sigmar whit joy in their hearts. Folk who would rather see the old ways continue. Folk who still holds the old gods close to their hearts. In these lands, all sorts of dark creatures remain since the time of chaos. Blood Sacrifices were common at these places souls innumerable were drained of blood and lowered into the fens. A practice that still continues today outside of the light brought by the eternal hosts.

The bones of the dead shall come to life and the marches rise as the blood of the sacrifices craves the souls of the righteous. These creatures are called the Blod Resir. They are harbingers of death whit the power of ten men and immune to the bite of steel like the Fen from where they came. P1080982_Fotor


This creature where inspired by a sketch made by Alvaro Tapia for the Swedish roleplaying game “Drakar och Demoner, Trudvang” which draws its inspiration from ancient nordic myths.  Offerings to the Aesir were common even of humans and in lands like the mortal realms shrouded in magic, the offered might as well come to shambling unlife.


So this miniature had its core sculpted by me and then details carved out. The central moose skull is also sculpted by me whit more attention to detail. I then added more plastic skulls and other skeleton bits followed by the addition of sand. I then quickly took it off to priming. after a black coat I used Thypus corrosion to marry the different parts together.



The painting where done whit an olive green under coat and purple shades in layers. I added splashes of brown to get a dirtier look and highlighted by mixing in a bone colour or an oxide turquoise whit the olive green. The bone where done whit heavy dry brushing of lighter and lighter bone colours and shaded whit olive and purple. I then added brown to the wood mixing it whit the green to create a moss-covered effect. Last I painted the metal in a dark copper followed by a copper highlight. I then used a couple of oranges for the rust on the sword and nihilak oxide on the shields.



Farewell traveller and be wary of the Fens.

//the 28:th Scribe