Something stirs in the dark

+++Wellcome traveller of the imaterium+++
+++You have know entered the Vaults of the 28:th Scribe+++
+++Read on at your own risk as these chronicles is not for the weak of mind+++


This website is both my blog and my gallery site for ongoing and completed projects. My plan is to have this site revolving around the inq28 and AoS28 mindset. I already have an Instagram account where I post my finished models and art and real-time updates on my story of what currently inhabits my paint desk. So the website am I planning to contain more WIP pictures and explanations of my thoughts during the creations went. The webpage will also house a gallery of projects and written fluff pieces. More updates will follow shortly.

//the 28:th Scribe


Nestorian infestation civilian

“The crowd was clad in rags, torn and grey. Hundreds of people in the tunnel moving through the cramped lower hive. Moving whiteout the normal rhythm. A thick smog was filling the air. A flash of white could be seen throughout the grey masses. A man stepped forward dressed in white and gold. The man were clearly from the upper spires of the hive but still was he moving like the rest milling forward in the street. The whit of his robes soiled but he was stilled sticking out as a white pearl on a beach of ash.”

My humble contribution to Bigbossredskull’s and Helge Wilhelm’s nestorian infestation.

As a genstealer infestation affects a whole society I think a noble would be appropriate, it is something I haven’t seen before. Therefore I decided to make my own.

Lethal glow

“In my journeys across the galaxy I often come across esoteric weapons. Weapons that glow whit innate power. I have the urge to categorize these weapons and the colour they glow whit. This lethal glow compels me to do it.”

The 28:th scribes diary.


So I was thinking…

It’s kinda boring that all weapons glow blue. Plasmagun: blue Arcrifle: blue Power sword: blue. It does look good but it would be more interesting if they were more colours. It would also be easier to identify different kinds of weapons.

I am not a expert on lore so I might need your help whit what different weapons it exist that would glow in the 42 millennium. To my knowledge it is plasma, arc, power, radium, volkite and gauss. Does graviton guns glow? We also have this esoteric mecanicus gun that I painted yellow here. I think it is a phosphor blast pistol. If you know any more glowing weapons I would be grateful for telling me.

So my current plan is purple for plasma.

Red for volkite.

Blue for arc.

Green for radium.

And high contrast turquoise green whit small lighting bolts on power weapons.

I have done this yellow to but is not sure witch weapon type to tie it to as standard. I just did it to complete the base colours might do a orange of the same reason. I am also on the fence about doing like all in inverted shading might do some whit regular shading.

Safe travels friend.

Necromunda vol.3

“I’ve always taken pride in my House. Without the Goliaths, Necromunda would crumble. We’re the steel that keeps the hive standing. Whether you’re working a furnace, processing slag or holding our ground in a gang, you’re part of something bigger”

Axon, the Irontree Reavers, House Goliath.


Another goliath just because my fingers where twitching. I think I prefer just building stuff quite straight up and then take my time with painting. I think I enjoy it because it’s no downtime when you paint through layering. I realy hates waiting for glue to dry.

I tried to elevate my rust and I think it’s my best so far. I still have some improvements to make on my next model but that is whats so fun whit painting you can always improve.

Painting decembuary vol.3

“The wyrm left it’s stony lair. It roared it’s defience of these new gods as it served older darker masters. To the wyrms roar morthals rallied. To the wyrms roar civilisaton fell.”

It’s done I have finished this behemot of a miniature. It was great painting it.

Witch version of the base does you gus prefere by the way? The snow is added now and would be hard to remove but for the next one am I curios to here your input.

All the way down to its snowy base this were a great painting project.

Remember to checkout Azazel the creator of Decumb-uary challenge